„It is not about accessibility“ – a glance at MOOCs in Australia

Insights into the motives for and experiences with the launch of the bilingual Australian MOOC “Engaging India” and how this course is typical for Australian Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) but only mirrors a small part of the country’s digital education world. Written by Kira Leuthold, Deputy STC, Embassy of Switzerland in Canberra



MOOCs Rural Campus in India: A Jaaga initiative- insights from swissnex India

In today’s globalised world, a high speed internet connection coupled with MOOCs make it possible to shift your location to a peaceful rural surrounding to learn, ideate and develop, yet remain connected with happenings of the outside world. ‘Jaaga Study’ in modern India is an example of such an initiative. Written by Maitree Dasgupta – swissnex India


MOOCs development, challenges and future prospects- insights from STO in Beijing

China is the world’s largest education market, with more than 400 million students – nearly 30 million of whom are currently enrolled in higher education institutions. China is making a big effort in improving its education quality. Expanding digital education is part of the program. Its budget for 2013 had an increase of 22% compared to 2012. Digital education is seen as a solution and the future of Chinese education. It can provide everybody an access to education regardless the geographical location or social status. As all over the world, MOOCs are revolutionizing the world of digital education. In China it is a quite new, but fast developing phenomenon.


Kevin Dooley,