Month: July 2016

Food for Thought – A Massachusetts Approach to Healthy Aging

Written by Sander de la Rambelje and Valerie Koller, Junior Project Managers at swissnex Boston

The State of Massachusetts faces challenges as the population of senior citizens continues to increase. By 2030, it is expected that one in five Massachusetts residents, locally referred to as Bay Staters, will be aged 65 and over. Consistent with other states, the 2012 Massachusetts State Pension Reform is currently shifting the retirement age in Massachusetts from 65 up to 67. The near future may see other federal reforms that equally increase Medicare eligibility to age 67.

How do we ensure that people stay fit to work at this age? Will seniors still have the opportunity to spend their pension years in good health?


My Plate for Older Adults, a suggestion of the HNRCA and AARP Foundation that indicates the nutritional needs of senior people.